Available finishings

This page shows some examples of the finishings that are available for the pieces made on order.

Raw terracotta

Raw terracotta

This is a finishing particularly suitable for sculptures and bas-reliefs, of any size.
Baked once, it is ideal to make pieces for inside and outside decoration.

Coloured terracotta : engobe finishing

Ancient technique used to colour raw terracotta.
Baked once like the raw terracotta, it's a finishing ideal to decorate cribs and bas-reliefs.
Mat enamel

Enamelled terracotta : mat enamel

Baked twice, this technique is the ideal finishing for sculptures, cribs and accessories for inside decoration. It has the interesting feature of giving a warm shade to colours.
Gloss enamel

Enamelled terracotta : gloss enamel

This is a finishing midway between mat enamel and gloss enamel; like all the enamelled finishings, it is done on second baking.
It fixes the colours and makes the surface easily washable; thanks to this feature this finishing is particularly appreciated on the decorated tiles for inside decoration, for example kitchens or bathrooms.

Enamelled terracotta : majolica

This is a classic technique of glossy enamel, done on second baking.
Very valuable but versatile at the same time, it adapts elegantly to all styles from classic to modern.
Ideal to decorate vases, plates and tea sets, this finishing is also suitable for decorated tiles, lamps and several accessories for artistic inside decoration.