Interior decoration

The floral tiles, entirely hand made, can be used for artistic interior decoration, unique of its kind.
They can decorate with style solid wooden furniture or masonry kitchen and fireplaces.
For example, this solid wood kitchen is enriched with floral tiles which have been used to tile the wall and the worktop in a very personal and stylish way.
Another example is this solid wood and masonry kitchen which has been enriched with several floral tiles to decorate both the kitchen and the extractor hood above the worktop.
The floral tiles may be also used to decorate pieces of furniture as it has been done with this solid cherry wood table, whose top is surronded by a border of floral tiles.
The tile's finishing is the same used for the kitchen's tiles so it is easily washable.
The floral tiles may be used in modern rooms too: this modern fireplace is a good example of that.
Thanks to the tiles, the fireplace stands out with elegance against the wall and creates a nice contrast with the surrounding furnishing.